Thanks for the visit. I'm Jacob Halton, an illustrator and digital product designer. I make things for people to read, enjoy, and use.

My studio is Volatile.

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New Graphic Novel Released

Boké Expressway: Chasing a Song

67 pages of a sexy, psychadelic, adrenaline fueled, techno fairytale.

Mikey hears a mysterious song that throws him out of reality into a kaleidoscopic roller coaster ride. He has to learn what this song is, and his obsessions could take him beyond the limits of reality.

BUY NOW: $17.50 (Shipping Included)



Boké Expressway

Bright colors can lead you to a dark place. This is a comic about night clubs, cars, drugs, and losing your mind.


Comic Page Samples

Short stories and comic pitches.


Our Fair City

Cover art and comic pages to pair with a cyberpunk podcast done in old radio style.


The Chicago Reader: Comics Issue

Bad spelling really iritates me, so I made a comic about it. It was published in The Chicago Reader.


Design for Comics

I love comics and believe they're worth being designed well.


The Future Beats Show

Blast off for the smoothest beats from West London to the ends of the Universe.


Ad Age: Young Creatives Entry

Where do you get your best ideas? I know where I get mine. And I know where they usually end up, too!


Nicki & Skinny's Vegas Wedding Invites

My love of folding paper got a wedding invitation for my friends featured on For Print Only.

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