Thanks for the visit. I'm Jacob Halton, an illustrator and digital product designer. I make things for people to read, enjoy, and use.

My studio is Volatile.

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View Boké Expressway

Bright colors can lead you to a dark place. This is a comic about night clubs, cars, drugs, and losing your mind.

View Our Fair City

Cover art and comic pages to pair with a cyberpunk podcast done in old radio style.

View Chicago Reader

Bad spelling really iritates me, so I made a comic about it. It was published in The Chicago Reader.

View Drawmageddon

Poster to promote an art event, where you have to make everything on the spot.

View Future Beats Show

Blast off for the smoothest beats from West London to the ends of the Universe.

View Ad Age

Where do you get your best ideas? I know where I get mine. And I know where they usually end up, too!

View Wedding Invites

My love of folding paper got a wedding invitation for my friends featured on For Print Only.

I send updates to shows I’m doing, new releases, and a ridiculous x-mas card comic via email, you should sign up for it!

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Check out past x-mas cards to see what you’re in for:

2011 - Wreath Monster

2012 - The Tallest Tree

2013 - Thanksgiving's Revenge

2014 - Matroska