Chasing a Song

Some readers want to be pulled into a story and let it warp their minds with original, psychedelic concepts and unconventional artwork.

This is the book for them.

The first volume in the Boké Expressway series, Chasing a Song, is a 70 page, trippy techno fairy tale.


Mikey is fed up with the club scene and misses the old days of raves and the music that came with it.

One night he hears a mysterious song that reminds him of the good old days and he becomes obsessed with finding it. His obsessions begin to take him beyond the limits of reality as a modern-day Siren appears each time he hears the song. She beckons him to leave the real world behind, and give in to madness.

Readers will enjoy this book who are into conceptual, mind-bending thrillers with striking visuals. Great for fans of comics such as: Olympus and Sex Criminals, and movies such as: Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan, The Machinist and Enter the Void.

The book is offset-printed, perfect-bound, with a soft laminate cover that’s comforting to hold while reading.

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Retail Price: $15

3 Copies – $5 per book

5 Copies – $4 per book

Download a PDF of the book to check it out for yourself! 12MB

Here’s what reviewers say about Chasing a Song:

“If you could actually get high off of pixie sticks, I imagine this is what they would make the world look like.”

Carlyn Hill, Threadless

“This book is a visual masterpiece.”

Crystal O’Rourke, The Outhousers

“I was simply mesmerized.” 

Manny Popoca, PopCultHQ

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