Boké Expressway: Chasing a Song

Mikey is fed up with the club scene and misses the old days of raves and the music that came with it. One night he hears a mysterious song that reminds him of the good old days and he becomes obsessed with finding it, but his obsessions could take him beyond the limits of reality.

Chasing a Song is a trippy techno fairy tale.

You’ll enjoy this if you like trippy, psychedelic artwork, and unconventional storytelling. You’ll like it if you enjoy movies such as: Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan, The Machinist and Enter the Void.

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Hear some of the …”rave” reviews:

“If you could actually get high off of pixie sticks, I imagine this is what they would make the world look like.” – Carlyn Hill, Threadless

“This book is a visual masterpiece.”– Crystal O’Rourke, The Indie Huntress

“I was simply mesmerized by each colorful and well designed page.” – Manny Popoca, PopCultHQ

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