Sequential Art

Three Panel Crimes

Pencil, Ink, Tone

Each strip in this series is a crime that takes place in 3 panels, with no dialogue.

These are usually like comic haikus, and meant to make the reader look back and forth through the three panels at the details to understand the crime taking place.

Written by Tony Fabro

F*cking Forty

Pencil, Ink, Tone

A large collaboration with 130 artists to illustrate the memoir of the late Ed Siemienkowicz.

Each of us were assigned several pages from the script. The rule was only to draw Ed and his alter ego in the style he had used in his own comic.

Written by Ed Siemienkowicz


Pencil, Ink, Tone

A similar collaboration with other artists to redraw the entire collection of Akira in any style we choose, and replacing the characters with The Simpsons. As a big fan of Otomo, I kept the style and most panels close to the original.

We were allowed to change some things, especially where appropriate to emphasize the Simpsons in the story.

Based on Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira

Cushman & Wakefield


This comic was given to Cushman & Wakefield employees to explain their recent merger and new business structure through super heroes! Yes, you read that right!

Lineart by Marcus Muller