I am Jacob Halton and Volatile Studio is the vertex point of a career spanning over a decade across user-experience and visual communication, which has taught me a great appreciation for the new, unknown, and unsolved.

As designers, illustrators, writers, storytellers, and builders of technology, our job is communicator to our audience.

Challenges are at the core of all communication work.

Whether it be a database app created to combat bureaucracy and human error in medical systems, or the goals of our favorite movie character to overcome the forces keeping them from saving the world, solving those challenges are what make a difference.

With media in mind, it’s important to use the right medium for delivery. For example: Some products are better served via the web than as a native device app; admin users may need a dedicated app while the end customers’ experience is contained in a separate app; most of the time not every feature is needed to create a great Minimum Viable Product. Sometimes these details aren’t fully clear without necessary research and testing.

Understanding the challenge and finding solutions is our goal in every project, no matter the media.

Most of the time our work entails making something we’ve never made before, by creating solutions to problems that haven’t been solved, or finding better solutions to existing problems.

Attacking problems can be a daunting task, but each project yields new solutions, and result in further exploration and iteration. Finding these unknown challenges and the bumpy roads encountered along the way are all part of the process to creating meaningful work.

We must embrace volatility to find the path to greatness.