An intuitive, modern app that connects many moving parts within the fast paced world of warehousing and fulfillment.

Designing each set of features for this app was a journey in understanding the nuanced aspects of warehousing, to create a system that stands far above other management systems while adhering to industry standards so functions are familiar and easy to begin using.


We met with VeraCore regularly and workshopped the key details that would ensure the app works best for their specific types of users.

Workshops and User-Journey

Many post-it notes and marker board sketches became a refined user journey that contained the most key features to launch warehouse layout and tenant management systems quickly.

Interface Design

Clean, architectural styling was the inspiration to keep the interface simple and refined.

Large target areas, open spacing, and minimal use of iconography were key to balancing complex information with a simple UI.

Between two vastly different types of UI, it was important that the style guide be flexible and work well in both formats, so the app feels unified and the styles can permeate to new features as iterations go on.

Certain features were chosen for mobile so simple tasks can be done on the go, while full features are given to tablet users who have more time to perform complex tasks.


The warehouse layout feature of the app required many considerations for how pieces would work together in combination with each other.

Style Guide

Collaboration with Momentum Design Lab